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Accessibility & Sustainability

Tamarack Aquatic Center prides itself on being a facility that is Committed to Accessibility and Environmentally Conscious.

Our pool features a long, gentle ramp that begins right
at deck level and allows for easy walking or wheelchair
access directly into the pool. Hoyer lifts help with
transfers to and from the pool and spa. Saltwater tolerant
walkers and wheelchairs, also large, alter-access, and
family dressing rooms are available just off the pool
deck. Our menís and womenís locker rooms are fully
accessible. We also have an on-deck seating area for
land-loving caregivers, friends, and family.

Easy ParkingEasy Parking       
All parking is easily accessed and close to the pool's building.

The entire upper parking area is reserved for disabled parking spaces.


Tamarack Aquatic Center is represented on United Wayís 100% Access Coalition by Ann Cole, MA, LPC, and Susan Quash-Mah, Ph.D., Non-Profit Director.

The Coalition convenes and collaborates with partners from across the community - nonprofits, government, business, volunteers - to create opportunities for a better life for Lane County's most vulnerable residents.

Tamarack Aquatic Center is advocating for an aquatic hub approach to aquatics by collaborating with other pools and medical professionals. The aquatic hub will provide users with a broad range of programs from Tamarack Aquatic Centerís focus on rehabilitation and enhanced health through elite athletic development at other facilities. An aquatics hub also provides a network of connections to the programs, practitioners, and facilities providing a full-range of aquatic activities.

Heated by the SunHeated by the Sun       
We warm our water with the second largest Solar Thermal Ray Heating System in the Pacific Northwest.

Additionally our pool is a renewable energy conscious facility through the use of saltwater and ultraviolet sanitation.

Saltwater Ultraviolet Sanitized Water copySaltwater Ultraviolet Sanitized Water copy       
The pool utilizes state of the art ultraviolet and saltwater generators as well as CO2 to sanitize the pool producing bio- and bather-friendly waters. We are very proud of our sustainable green friendly facility, and offer the clearest bather friendly swimming pool water in the state of Oregon. The benefits are many...
  • No eye or skin irritation
  • Crystal clear water
  • No chlorine odor
  • Bio friendly

Tamarack Aquatic Center Recognized as a Re-Think BusinessTamarack Aquatic Center Recognized as a Re-Think Business       

In recognition of the Tamarack Aquatic Center's efforts to be "green," we have been awarded BRING's Re-Think Business designation. Saltwater, solar energy, recycling, using post-consumer paper products, and many more conservation actions are helping support an eco-clean and healthy Eugene.

Tamarack received the Mayor's Bold Steps Toward Sustainability AwardTamarack received the Mayor's Bold Steps Toward Sustainability Award       
The award is given every other month to a Eugene business that is making decisions using a triple bottom line approach: taking extra care in how it treats its people, and the planet, while turning a profit. Tamarack takes pride in caring for our community and our environment. We would like to thank everyone who has dedicated efforts over the last seven years to create our sustainable organization.

Aquatic Activities for Arthritis +Aquatic Activities for Arthritis +       

Tamarack's warm water is a safe, ideal environment for relieving pain and stiffness caused by arthritis and other similar conditions. Our classes with an arthritis focus are designed to safely keep your joints moving and improve your sense of well-being.

For example, Gentle Arthritis Stretch allows you to exercise without putting excess strain on your joints and muscles. It offers slow, steady moves without use of a flotation device. The gentle activities in warm water, with guidance from a trained instructor, will help you gain strength and flexibility. Move with joy as pain and stiffness decrease.

In another class? Always let your instructor know if you are working through arthritis or any similar condition.