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Classes & Swims

All classes and swims are one hour long, unless otherwise indicated. Spa time is included with class or swim.  Note that children must be 6 months or older to be admitted into the pool.

Day and times reflect our current schedule. Schedules change seasonally and may change for holidays. Pick up a printed schedule at the pool or check the Pool Schedule page.

Fees vary based on the activity and whether an instructor is present. Discounts are given for multi-visit "punch cards" when paid in advance. See Pool Fees for a complete summary.

Contact us for registration information (541) 686-9290 for any of our classes!

Ai ChiAi Chi       6 times a week!
Focus is on relieving chronic, limiting pain through slow movement through the water, deep breathing, stretching, and meditation techniques. A flowing series of exercises are repeated in order with an emphasis on range of motion, balance, and deep breathing.
Tuesday & Thursday: 8:00 am
Monday & Wednesday: 1:00 pm
Thursday "Extra Quiet" : 1:00 pm
Saturday: 9:00 am

Ai Chi - Extra QuietAi Chi - Extra Quiet    Thursday   1:00 pm

"Extra Quiet" Ai Chi session - one with an extra emphasis on movement to just the meditative and relaxing sounds of the pool.


Aqua Yoga Aqua Yoga     Tuesday & Thursday   5:45 pm - 6:45 pm

Learn ways to stretch, move and enjoy your body in the support of warm water, using classical yoga postures adapted for the water. This class is designed for soothing joint and muscle pain, as well as relieving stress. In the 92-degree, therapeutic pool, experience release, freedom and ease. Pre-registration is recommended.
Fee for Aqua Yoga

Aqua JogAqua Jog    Tuesday & Thursday   10:00 am
A deep-water exercise class using floatation. It is essentially non-impact exercise and is recommended for people who want aerobic exercise but cannot tolerate even the low impact of shallow water exercise. The intensity level is variable to meet a wide variety of individual needs.


Gentle Arthritis StretchGentle Arthritis Stretch    Tuesday & Thursday   9:00 am
Emphasis on improving or maintaining range of motion throughout the body. This is a good entry-level class for beginners as well as those with arthritis or similar condition. The slow, steady moves and the absence of the use of flotation make it the ideal class for the beginner.

Instructed Aquatic FitnessInstructed Aquatic Fitness    Monday & Wednesday   2:00 pm

A combination of shallow and deep-water exercises offers a good, low impact workout emphasizing stretching, strengthening, range of motion and mild aerobic activity.

Monday & Wednesday 2:00 pm


Up Tempo Up Tempo     Monday, Wednesday   5:30 pm
Inspired by HYDRO-FIT this class is intended for physically fit individuals who would like to maintain muscle tone, improve cardiovascular health, and retain exercise as part of a busy schedule.

Open Therapeutic ExerciseOpen Therapeutic Exercise    Monday thru Saturday   12:00 pm

An uninstructed time for participants who wish to exercise on their own.

One-on-One TherapyOne-on-One Therapy    Tuesday   1:00 pm

Opportunity for individuals working with clients or professionals working with patients to do exercise, therapy, and other one-one-one activities.

Rehab SwimRehab Swim    Tuesday & Thursday   2:00 pm

Pool is available to all patrons for rehabilitation and therapeutic use as well as by reservation for medical and therapeutic practitioners.

Lap SwimLap Swim       11 am, 1 pm, 2 pm & 5:30 pm sessions ~

Especially for those wishing to swim continuously for fitness. Slow and medium lanes available. Work as hard as you like in a noncompetitive setting.

Monday thru Thursday, & Saturday  11:00 am

Friday 1:00 pm

Tuesday & Thursday  2:00 pm

Monday & Wednesday  5:30 pm

Open SwimOpen Swim    Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday   

An all ages swim time for both recreation and fitness.  Due to the multi-use aspect, no pool toys are available during this swim time.

Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday 11:00 am

Friday 1:00 pm

Family SwimFamily Swim    3 times a week   

Families and friends are encouraged to join us for the Family Swim on Monday and Wednesday evenings, as well as Saturday afternoons. Have a warm water fun time! The Saturday session is for 2 hours and has a slightly higher fee. Note that children must be 6 months or older to be admitted into the pool.

Monday & Wednesday  6:30 pm
Saturday  1:00 - 3:00 pm ^

2hr Family Swim - Saturdays2hr Family Swim - Saturdays       

We have extended the Family Swim on Saturday to 2 hours!  The 2-Hour Family Swim has a slightly higher fee.

Note that children must be 6 months or older to be admitted into the pool.

Time: Saturday afternoons 1:00 - 3:00

Adults $8.00
Children $6.00

Baby SwimBaby Swim       7 sessions during the week

Baby swim is a time designated for parents and babies to enjoy the soothing warm water together. Children must be 6 months of age through 3 years for baby swim.

Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday 10:00 am
Monday & Wednesday 11:00 am
Monday & Wednesday 5:30 pm

Veterans Only SwimVeterans Only Swim    Monday   10:00 am

Must be approved by management to attend. Contact Pool for details.

Tamarack Swimmers - Kids must be 6 months or olderTamarack Swimmers - Kids must be 6 months or older       

We've clarified our policy when our youngest swimmers may begin to participate in pool activities.  Effective June 19, 2018 children must be 6 months or older to be admitted into the pool.