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Wish List

Swim Lesson ScholarshipsSwim Lesson Scholarships       
Sponsor one 4-week semi-private swimming lesson for $88.00

One-on-One Instruction = Lifetime of water safety "The comfort of the 92 degree warm water and the one-on-one instruction allow children of all abilities to learn at an accelerated rate."

Therapeutic ScholarshipsTherapeutic Scholarships       
Sponsorship of one individual for therapeutic use of our pool is $50.00 for 10 visits.

Operating ExpensesOperating Expenses       
The Tamarack Wellness Center prides itself on being environmentally conscious. We have the second largest Solar Thermal Ray Heating System in the Pacific Northwest. Although utilizing Solar heating of the pool helps to lower energy costs, we still require supplemental funding to cover these needs. User fees cover only 80% of our total operating costs.

Non-Profit StatusNon-Profit Status       

The Tamarack Wellness Center is a 501c3 non-profit which also operates with the names Tamarack Pool / Tamarack Aquatic Center.