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Pool Fees

Drop-in! Single visit for a class or to exercise on your own ~Drop-in! Single visit for a class or to exercise on your own ~       

Non-instructed session: $8.00

Instructed class: $9.00

"Baby + Me" class: $15.00

Baby Swim $5.00/adult; $5.00/child

Family Swim $5.00/adult; $5.00/child

"PUNCH" Passes - prepaid multi-visits       

Enjoy a discount when you pay for your pool time in advance ~

Non-instructed 10-visit punch pass $70.00

Instructed 10-class punch pass $80.00

Individual Unlimited* 30-day pass $90.00
* Not usable for Swimming Lessons

"Baby + Me" Swim Lesson 4-classes $50

Family / Baby Swim Pass (20 admissions adult or child) $90

Instructed Class FeeInstructed Class Fee       

Unless otherwise noted with Class or Swim description:

Drop-in for single class $9
10-class pass $80

Fee for Baby or Family SwimFee for Baby or Family Swim       

Baby Swim $5.00/adult; $5.00/child
Family Swim $5.00/adult; $5.00/child

Family / Baby Swim Pass (20 admissions for adult or child) ~ $90

Fees for Swim LessonsFees for Swim Lessons       

Private $25/lesson/student
Semi-private $15 /lesson/each student (2 students)
Group $7/lesson/student

Payment for swim lessons is due in full at time of registration.

Baby + Me $15 Drop-in lesson
Baby + Me $50 4-class Punch Card


We are now accepting the following insurance-based fitness programs:




and RenewACTIVE

If you are enrolled in any of these programs through your insurance provider, Tamarack is excited to finally be able to offer admission! Please call or visit the front desk to submit your information including your full name, birthdate, fitness ID or confirmation code, and phone number. Once we've verified your status with your fitness program, we will call to confirm and you may begin to access the pool with no out of pocket cost!