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“Tamarack has proven itself to me, both personally and professionally, to be a valuable community resource with facilities for recuperation and health care unavailable elsewhere in Lane County. I have been a strong proponent of Tamarack for over a decade. The committed staff members are outstanding in assisting clients with warm water pool therapy, rehab programs, and quality medical and emotional support systems.” Wesley Hoskins, M.D.

“Tamarack is a special place for people coping with life threatening illness. Here people come to relax, to be safe, and to find a few moments of tranquility during a chaotic and unpredictable time in their lives. We have been immensely grateful to have Tamarack provide this experience for the patients we serve.” Susan Alger, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

“My mother is paralyzed from the chest down. Tamarack is the one place she can go and have a peaceful swim. She has even been able to teach her grandchildren how to swim!” Sara Gibson

“My son had never been in a pool and can’t swim unaided. He is very thin and a regular pool is too cold. We are thrilled to have a form of recreation that a child with special needs can so deeply enjoy.” Sue Desmond

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Your testimonials are tribute to the benefits of the valuable community services we offer. With your words stating the varied needs and benefits from our 92 degree warm water pool, we are able to reach so many individuals who will support our mission and reach those who need our services.

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