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4/1/2020 -- An(other) COVID19 Update  
4/1/2020 -- An(other) COVID19 Update

Dear pool patrons,

We miss you. There’s no two ways around it. We miss seeing the water full of our friends and neighbors, sharing in each other’s victories and motivating each other through life’s obstacles; each individual on their own path to wellness. We’d been crossing our fingers that we’d get to see you all again on April 1st, but with new ordinances in place indefinitely, we’ll just have to keep crossing our fingers until the danger has passed and the mandates on groups are lifted.

Fear not though, we’re keeping busy with very limited staff in the meantime by starting an HVAC cleaning project, deep spring cleaning and disinfecting throughout the facility, pressure washing the pool deck and patio, repairs to tiles in the locker rooms, and a cleanse of our mechanical storage area. When the ‘all-clear’ finally comes, we will be more than ready to welcome you all back!

Many of you have reached out inquiring about donations, and we want to thank you for thinking of us! Your donations have kept us afloat in hard times before, and are certainly welcomed now as we aim to support staff and keep the facility in ship-shape during this uncertain time. If you are interested in donating, please hit the big blue DONATE button on our home page. 

This is a snapshot from one of our AquaTone classes in February: a pool full to the brim with community is certainly what we miss the most. We are so looking forward to the day we get to pull off the pool blankets again and get back to working hard on wellness with you, no matter how far away it may seem from now.