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ATTENTION CLINICIANS: come experience Watsu - Free  
ATTENTION CLINICIANS: come experience Watsu - Free

We’re Celebrating World Watsu Week. If you have never experienced Watsu, join us in the pool!

Tamarack Pool is hosting a free open house for health care providers—Chiropractors, PTs, physicians, nurses, rehabilitation providers, counselors, LMTs – any provider who would like to understand this form of warm water therapy and how it could benefit one’s clients—especially those in chronic pain.

Friday, March 22 - 3:00 to 5:00

Call Tamarack Pool, 541-686-9290, to reserve a free, 25-minute session with one of the participating Watsu practitioners:

  • Harriette Bashi, MSPT, LMT 
  • Ann Cole, LPC, LMT, 
  • Nick Chrones, LMT, and 
  • Kathie Knowles, LMT.

OR, if you would rather stay on land, come observe Watsu in motion in a quiet environment.

Water lightens everything-- lifts the burden of gravity and immobility and frees the body. Healing happens in warm water.

Watsu (WATer ShiaSU) is a body/mind form of aquatic therapy where the recipient becomes aware of his/her body through the rise and fall of their breath while being held and moved through water in a weightless experience. Through the support of water and the trust built with the practitioner, along with the simultaneous application of acupressure points and stretches, Watsu releases joints and frees the spine in a three-dimensional way not possible on land. The pool is warm (92°F), eliciting a parasympathetic response. Benefits include release of tension, freedom of movement and the ability to access inner resources for healing.

Unlike cognitive therapy that accesses the mind through the mind, Watsu accesses the mind through the heart and the body − a deeply integrating experience.

Watsu can profoundly shift the physical and mental experience of chronic pain. It provides a gateway for the client to access inner resources − the greatest being body/mind awareness that is deeper and more encompassing than pain.