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Aquatic Therapy Certification  
Aquatic Therapy Certification

Lane Community College in collaboration with Tamarack Aquatic Center is creating a new program!

For the first time, LCC will be training local physical therapists and wellness professionals to be certified aqua therapists. The new program certifies professionals to work with people in the water - especially the warm water of Tamarack Aquatic Center.

Dr. Bruce Becker , a nationally recognized leader in the development and practice of aquatic physical therapy and a Tamarack Pool Medical Advisory Board Member, initiated the program with a 10-hour workshop in September 2016. Renown aquatic practitioner and author, Doug Kinniard, LMT, trained participants through experiential exercises in Tamarack Pool's warm water.

Dr. Beckerís research began in Eugene/Springfield over 25 years ago as he developed aqua therapy techniques for athletes and those recovering from surgery. Aqua therapy has been shown to be an effective treatment for pain management, mobility, flexibility, PTSD, and general overall health and wellbeing. Dr. Becker is author of Comprehensive Aquatic Therapy, a definitive text for PTs and MDs.